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Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS)

Mayo Clinic - Overview of neuropathy treatment options

Opioid crisis - LA Times investigation

How Scrambler Therapy® changes pain therapy

U.S. grants marketing clearance for the new Scrambler Therapy® Technology ST-5A Medical Device for the non-invasive treatment of chronic pain.

ROME, Feb. 2021 -- The next generation Scrambler Therapy® Technology ST-5A has received marketing clearance from the FDA (K201458). This new device replaces the previous two generations known as "Calmare®" and "Scrambler Therapy® Technology MC-5A" respectively, which are no longer in production.


Scrambler Therapy® - Scientific article with the analysis of 3432 cases of chronic neuropathic and oncological pain.

ROME, ITALY, April 26, 2019 / / -- The scientific journal 'Integrative Cancer Therapies' recently published the scientific article titled 'Inside the Scrambler Therapy, a non-invasive treatment of chronic neuropathic and cancer pain. From the Gate Control Theory to the active principle of information. ' This indexed article studies the effects of Scrambler Therapy® on a total of 3432 cases of chronic neuropathic and oncologic pain. The article examines the Scrambler Therapy® theory, method, technology and bias effects in clinical trials and how to minimize them. "


Scrambler Therapy® - Healthcare and Insurance System

“.....For all these reasons, it is quite clear that the concept of similarity that only considers the parameters of frequency, pulse width and intensity (used for other devices) is not applicabile to Scrambler Therapy® Technology. Any variation to the original OEM technology and/or to the algorithm (together they control the synthesis of the information), inevitably alters the wellknown consolidated efficacy and safety parameters, producing unknown or potentially harmful effect."


Scrambler Therapy® (ST) - Official Scientific and Clinical Information Site on line

“Scrambler Therapy® Scientific and Clinical Information for unbiased clinical research protocols, methodologies,training,scientific and historical information. ROME, ITALY, October 8, 2018 / -- .


Opioid epidemic and Scrambler Therapy®

“ROME, ITALY, August 30, 2018 / opioid epidemic is one of the most profound public health crises facing the United States and the current crisis of opioid overdose deaths requires innovative approaches. The FDA remains committed to addressing this national crisis on all fronts, with a focus on encouraging medical product innovation to prevent new cases of opioid abuse and addiction and to treat those addicted.” Source: Food and Drug Administration (FDA).


Correction to the information present in CALMARE THERAPEUTICS INCORPORATED (OTCQX: CTTC) Quarterly Report filed to SEC

FORM 10-Q, October 14, 2015, recently filed by CALMARE THERAPEUTICS INCORPORATED (OTCQX: CTTC) to SEC once again provides incorrect and misguiding information to the investors and world market of hospital medical devices, and more specifically:....


Delta International Service & Logistics receives FDA 510(k) Clearance for Scrambler Therapy® Technology MC-5A

PRNewswire/ -- The FDA authorized the marketing of the Scrambler Therapy® Technology MC-5A device. This medical device has been developed in Italy for the treatment of chronic neuropathic and oncologic pain resistant to opiates and other types of treatment, replacing the previous version, known in the US as the Calmare® device.


Competitive Technologies, Inc. No Longer an Authorized Agent or Representative of Scrambler Therapy®

ROME, April 9, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Professor Giuseppe Marineo, developer of the patent-protected Scrambler Therapy® technology for the treatment of neuropathic and cancer pain, announced today that the Amended, Restated and Extended Service and Representation Agreement between Competitive Technologies, Inc. ("CTI" or "CTTC"), Professor Giuseppe Marineo and Delta Research and Technologies ("Delta"), dated April 1, 2011 and last amended as of June 30, 2012 (the "Service and Representation Agreement," or "SRA"), was terminated effective March 9, 2014 pursuant to section 8.6.1 of the SRA. Accordingly, effective March 9, 2014, Competitive Technologies, Inc. ceased to be an authorized representative, agent, licensee or distributor of any device incorporating the Scrambler Therapy® technology.


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