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Suffering From Chronic Cancer Pain?

Patient needing chronic cancer pain relief in Paoli

According to the research, younger people are more likely to experience cancer-related pain than older people. Moreover, patients with advanced cancer may have severe pain, and sometimes many survivors continue to have pain after treatment. Cancer pain can be Dull aching, feel like a pressure, burning, tingling. The type of pain you may experience gives clues about the sources of the pain. For example, pain caused by nerve damage is usually described as burning or tingling, whereas pain affecting internal organs is often described as a sensation of pressure.

Scrambler Therapy Treats Chronic Cancer Pain!

Scrambler therapy for chronic cancer pain in Paoli

We understand how cancer pain may affect the quality of life and ability to function even after the treatment ends. We aim to help patients experiencing cancer pain and struggling to find relief with other treatment methods. Our Scrambler Therapy is FDA approved, innovative, and narcotic-free pain treatment. We use a CalmareĀ® device that applies small electrodes to the painful area. Then it sends brief and mild electrical signals through the body to the brain. These signals scramble the message to the brain that indicates the pain in a particular area, then change the message to no pain to the brain. Our advanced treatment methods have been helping patients find relief from acute and chronic pain in no time. To learn more about our treatment method and how it can help your case, schedule an appointment with Natural Foundations at (484) 494-2118 today.

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