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Suffering From Low Back Pain?

Patient needing low back pain relief in Paoli

The human body contains muscles, ligaments, tendons, discs, and bones supporting the body. The spine segments are cushioned with cartilage-like pads called discs; if you experience problems with any of these components can result in back pain. Low back pain is widespread, and people may likely experience it at some point. According to the research, back pain is the most prevalent for more than half of adults living with pain.

Scrambler Therapy Treats Low Back Pain!

Scrambler therapy for low back pain in Paoli

You can live a pain-free life with our Scrambler Therapy. Our healthcare practitioners will thoroughly examine your medical history, symptoms, and condition. Then depending on your pain intensity, suggest a treatment plan and the number of sessions required for the condition. Our CalmareĀ® device uses small electrodes attached around the skin's painful area. Then send mild electrical signals through the body to the brain. You will be experiencing pain, but the messages scramble and send no pain signal from the body to the brain. This method has proven quite successful in patients experiencing acute and chronic pain. Unlike other treatment methods, it has no adverse side effects and is safe and quite effective for patients.

If you are struggling with low back pain and haven't found relief from traditional treatment methods, then it is time you start living without pain. Learn about our non-invasive and proven to be beneficial for all techniques. You may reach out to Natural Foundations at (484) 494-2118 to embark on your healing journey today.

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