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Suffering From Postherpetic Neuralgia?

Patient needing postherpetic neuralgia relief in Paoli

Post-herpetic neuralgia (PHN) is a chronic neuropathic pain condition that continues for three months or more after an outbreak of shingles (viral infection). Your damaged fibers can't send messages from the skin to the brain, resulting in confused messages. It causes burning pain in nerves and skin and may last longer, even after the blisters or rashes of the shingles go away. The risk of getting it rises with age, primarily affecting older people. If the patient has diabetes, is not vaccinated, or delayed the treatment, it can quickly worsen the condition.

Scrambler Therapy Treats Postherpetic Neuralgia!

Scrambler therapy for postherpetic neuralgia in Paoli

Each patient experiencing post-herpetic neuralgia will have different pathophysiological factors that can lead to pain and requires an individualized pain management approach. This is where our treatment methods come in. Our Scrambler Therapy attempts to work on the pain by providing non-pain information via cutaneous nerves and blocking the pain information. It happens as our Calmare® device, which uses small electrodes, is placed around the pain area on the patient’s skin. It sends brief and mild electrical signals through the body to the brain. These electrical signals “scramble” the message to the brain that indicates the pain in a particular area, then changes the message of no pain to the brain and begin the pain relief. Your number of sessions would depend on the symptoms and condition. There are no harmful adverse effects, and the patient can find relief depending on their pain intensity. Reach out to Natural Foundations and schedule an appointment at (484) 494-2118 for a pain-free life.

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