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Suffering From Sciatica?

Patient needing sciatica relief in Paoli

Sciatica means pain, weakness, and numbness due to pressure or injury to the sciatica nerve. If you experience severe sciatica, serious leg weakness, or any other changes, it requires immediate medical attention. According to the research, around 10-40% of people have reported experiencing sciatica once in their lifetime. The pain usually affects one side of the lower body and can be disabling and severe. Meanwhile, it may be infrequent, irritating, and potentially worsen for others. Many triggers or other potential conditions can lead to sciatica, such as lumbar spinal stenosis, degenerative disc diseases, pregnancy, spondylolisthesis, muscle spasm in the buttocks, etc.

Scrambler Therapy Treats Sciatica!

Scrambler therapy for sciatica in Paoli

Scrambler Therapy is FDA approved, innovative, and narcotic-free pain treatment. Our Scrambler Therapy uses a CalmareĀ® device which applies small electrodes to the painful area. Then it sends brief and mild electrical signals through the body to the brain. These signals scramble the message to the brain that indicates the pain in a particular area, then change the message to no pain to the brain. Our advanced treatment methods have been helping patients find relief from acute and chronic pain in no time. If you are struggling, it is time to live a pain-free life and schedule a consultation with Natural Foundations at (484) 494-2118.

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